PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXV

tutor: Alessandra Brezzi

Silvia Nico (1599784), East Asia Curriculum, 35th cycle

11/2019— present: PhD candidate at Istituto Italiano di Studi Orientali (ISO), Sapienza University, Rome.
Title of the research project: The reception of Greek mythology in China at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Supervisor: Professor Alessandra Brezzi

11/2018—11/2019: Master of Arts in Chinese language and culture teaching (L’Orientale University, Naples).
Dissertation: Tang poetry: Chinese literature lessons in the Italian secondary schools. (Supervisor: Professor Paolo De Troia)

10/2016—09/2018: Master’s degree in Oriental Languages and civilizations (Sapienza University, Rome).
Dissertation: The origins of Chinese fiction, analyzed in the Chinese literary histories published during the beginning of the twentieth century. (Supervisor: Professor Alessandra Brezzi, Co-Advisor: Professor Federica Casalin)

10/2013—07/2016: Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages (Roma Tre University, Rome).
Dissertation: Tradition and modernity in Lu Xun’s literary works. (Supervisor: Professor Rosa Lombardi)

Member of The Royal Asiatic Society (London) since 2019.

Research interests: Modern Chinese literature, history of cultural exchanges between China and the West, literary critics, Chinese literary histories, literature theory.

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