PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII
phone: 0649920963
building: Dipartimento di Scienze Biochimiche "A. Rossi Fanelli"
room: S32

supervisor: Alessio Paone
advisor: Francesca Cutruzzolà
co-supervisor: Francesca Cutruzzolà

Research: cancer cell metabolism in normoxia and hypoxia

Current position:
First year PhD student in Life Sciences, XXXVIII cycle, University of Rome, Sapienza
Supervisor: prof. Francesca Cutruzzolà
Tutor: prof. Alessio Paone

- Master’s degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotecnology (LM-9), at University of Pavia , 28/04/2021, final mark: 110 cum laude /110.
Thesis title: “Characterization of C. elegans transngenic strain overexpressing b2-microglobulin's gene ".

- Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences (L-13), at University of Tuscia, 28/02/2019, final mark: 108/110.
Thesis title: “ Panoramic of prion protein Prpc and its role in prion desease"

- Classic High School, July 2015, liceo classico “Vitruvio Pollione" Formia (LT), final mark: 80/100

Technical skills:
Handling of Caenorhabdtidis elegans model: tecniques for both preparation and phenotypic, biochemical and metabolic characterization of worm’s transgenic strains exspressing amylodogenic proteins. Application of biochemical procedures for the purification of recombinant proteins (chromatographic techniques) and protein electrophoresis (gel electrophoresis and Western Blotting).
DNA and RNA extraction and purification, PCR, RT-PCR.

Language skills:
Italian: Native language
English: B1 level (Cambrdige Certification)

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