PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII

supervisor: Prof. Domenico Palombi
co-supervisor: Prof. Johannes Lipps
joint PhD: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


PhD student in Classical Archaeology at Sapienza University of Rome and Johannes Gutenberg - University of Mainz with a thesis on the Ionic order in Rome between the mid 2nd century BCE and the 4th century CE.
The project is financed by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung.

- 2016 B.A. in History (Major) and Philosophy (Minor) at Ludwig Maximilians- University in Munich. Thesis: "Das Pomerium als römische Stadtgrenze. Die Erweiterungen der Kaiserzeit im Spiegel der Quellen". Supervisor: Prof. Wernet Tietz. Final grade: 1,33
- 2020 M.A. in Archaeology, with a focus on Classical Archaeology, at Sapienza University in Rome. Thesis: "Il Peristilio Superiore della Domus Augustana. Architettura e decorazione in contesto". Supervisors: Prof. Domenico Palombi; Dr. Francesca Caprioli. Final grade: 110 cum laude

- Since 2018 I am member of the reserach project "Decor" on Architecture and Architectural Decoration of Domitians' Palace on the Palatine in Rome. Scientific direction: Prof. Patrizio Pensabene, Dr. Francesca Caprioli, in collaboration with the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo.
- In 2020 I spent three months researching at the German Archaeological Institute in Rome for the project "Eugen Petersen. Institutsdirektor und Fotograf"
- From 2017 to 2020 I took part in the project "Visualisierung in den Altertumswissenschaften" at the photo library of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome

Research products

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