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Prof. Romano Silvestri is Full Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. He graduated cum laude from Sapienza University and completed his PhD studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences by the same University. Since being recruited to the Department of Pharmaceutical Studies, he became Assistant Professor (1991-1998) and Associate Professor (1998-2010). In 2008 he moved to Department of Drug Chemistry and Technologies, and in 2010 became Full Professor. He was visting professor at Emory University, Department of Chemistry, Atlanta, USA (prof. Dennis Liotta), and at King’s College, London (UK).
The research projects are mainly focused on the drug design and synthesis of new biologically active chemical entities in the areas of antitumor, infective and SNC drugs. The drug design is based on molecular models performed by the internal computational unit New procedures for themicrowave-assisted synthesis and the highly automated purification of relevant pharmaceutical molecules are also developed.
Scopus metric overview 01-Mar-2023: 196 publications, 5870 citations, H-index 40

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