ciclo: XXXV
telefono: 3488841374
edificio: Santa Lucia foundation
stanza: 128

supervisore: Dr. Valentina Nicolardi
co-supervisore: Prof. SALVATORE MARIA AGLIOTI

Ricerca: "Investigating the role of Positive/Neutral emotional state, and Presence/Absence of a partner on experimental induced pain: a laser evoked potential study".

Previously, I investigated the role of Neurofeedback therapy and neuropsychic therapy for patients with traumatic brain injury in the national institute of mental health and neurosciences bangalore with an fMRI,EEG study.
Currently i am working on the field of Pain Modulation. my study aims at disentangle the role of the positive valence from the role of sociality in the pain reduction we observe for social support. Thus, we plan to compare the effect of Positive/Neutral emotions in the Presence/Absence of a partner, or an object touching and a unknown person touch, participants while receiving thermal painful stimuli. We will measure subjective pain ratings and EEG responses to noxious stimuli.

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