Programmed study plan

List of courses / activities for the first year

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Hot Topics in Computer Science: There will be 4-6 mini intensive courses on advanced topics in the field of computer science held by national and international experts invited on proposal from the PhD committee and.scientific board.

Method of choosing the subject of the thesis

Based on the student interests, it is assigned by the scientific board.

Admission to the second year

Advisor report.

List of courses / activities for the second year

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As for the first year, 4-6 mini intensive seminars are planned on hot topics in computer science held by national and international experts.
The student is supported by the supervisor in his study and research path. A visit to a prestigious international research institute is scheduled for at least 6 months.

Method of preparation of the thesis

Student seminar. Report of the thesis committee.

Admission to the third year

1. Report of the thesis committee.
2. Oral presentation of the candidate on the obtained results.

List of courses / activities for the third year

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1. Seminar-type activities: brown bag seminars organized by the students (in particular held by second and third year students) with the coordinator, the PhD commission and interested teachers, in which the students experiment and refine their skills: they present their work, share interesting read articles and results, dispense experiences they acquired, learn the ability to ask the right research questions and to develop research ideas starting from discussed topics. The aim is to foster the development of skills that underlie the daily work of researchers in the world of international R & D.
2. Participation in some Colloquium in Computer Science, a series of seminars to present research results by national and international experts in the main fields of computer science. Objective: to gain a thorough understanding of the state of the art at an international level in the main IT sectors.

the research activities carried out within the departmental research groups and laboratories, which constitute the most important daily tool for the training of the PhD students' skills, under the guidance of the supervisor are added to these activities. Everything is tought for supporting collaboration between students.

Participation in a series of seminars related to career development and job placement is also envisaged.

Method of admission to the final examination

Deadline submission of the thesis by October 30th.
Seminar by the student.
Sending the thesis to at least two international experts.
Report of the thesis committee based on the thesis, the seminar, and the two international experts.
Approval by the scientific board.

Final examination

Discussion and presentation of research activities and research results obtained in front of a commission of researchers of three members of high international profile, on rectoral appointment.

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