PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIV

Paola Pizzi (matr. 1841034) - Curriculum “Civiltà Islamica” - 34th cycle – Grant holder. Supervisor: F. Zappa / co-supervisor: A. Mokrani

since Nov. 2018: PhD candidate at the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies (ISO), University “La Sapienza” (Rome, Italy). Curriculum “Islamic Civilization”. Research topic: Nonviolence as a Way Towards a Change in Islām: the Contribution of Ǧawdat Saʿīd.
04/2004 – 10/2018: Translator from Arabic, English and French to Italian at Adnkronos International Press Agency (Rome, Italy).
11/2000 – 06/2011: Professor of Linguistic Mediation Arabic-Italian (written and spoken) at Libera Università degli Studi “S. Pio V” (Rome, Italy – today “Unint”).
10/1999 – 06/2000: Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies “Pisai” (Rome, Italy).
11/1994 – 02/2000: Degree in Arabic Language and Literature at Università “Ca’ Foscari” (Venice, Italy).
11/1995 to date: Member of the Arabic Christian Research Group “Grac” (Italy).
Research interests: Modern and Contemporary Islām, Islamic Reformism, Modern and Contemporary Lectures of the Quran, Arabic-Christian Literature, Islamic-Christian Polemic Literature.

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