PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII
email: olivia.carrubba@uniroma1.it
building: RM027 Neuropsichiatria Infantile Via dei Sabelli, 108

tutor: Assistant Professor Maria Serena Panasiti
supervisor: Prof. Salvatore Maria Aglioti
co-tutor: Dr.ssa Giuseppina Porciello

Research: Interoception and Social Decision-making

During my previous research experiences, I explored the effects of anticipatory anxiety on economic decision-making across real-world groups by crossing a threat-of-shock paradigm with paradigmatic economic games, thereby testing the fueling effects of anxiety on intergroup affiliative behavior. In subsequent research, I tested how top-down, minimal social category information implicitly modulates social instrumental learning and biases reward updates across groups and Hierarchical Predictive Processing models of implicit bias. Currently, I am investigating the role of gastric interoceptive signals on moral decision-making through the adoption of non-invasive bodily stimulations and physiological measures.

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