ciclo: XXXIX

supervisore: Dr. Maria Anna Murmura
co-supervisore: Prof. Maria Cristina Annesini

I am a chemical engineering graduate in modeling and optimizing the process of desalination of crude oil by considering demulsifiers and modeling the behavior of water droplets in oil emulsion through the population balance equation. As a researcher at the Catalyst Lab of Shiraz University, I Investigate the conversion of carbon dioxide and methane to synthesis gas through Steam Methane Reforming and Dry Methane Reforming in a laboratory reactor setup. In this context, I have skills in synthesizing nanocatalysts with different templates, such as templated nanostructured catalysts, and their application in chemical reactors to produce synthesis gas. I am familiar with Gas Chromatography analysis related to Dry and Steam Methane Reforming and analytical methods for investigating the structure and morphology of catalysts. Also, I have expertise in polymer science related to the synthesis of formaldehyde-based resins in a laboratory-scale reactor to produce molding powders.

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