PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIX

Nataliia Kanashko graduated from the Moscow State University with a Specialist degree in Philology in 2011. Initially, her studies were focused on the history and stylistic, structural features of Old Russian literature. Gradually, Nataliia’s interests expanded from the history of Old Russian literature to modern literature, to their interconnection, and eventually their comprehension through the lens of literary criticism. Her final thesis explored the concept of "dvoeverie" as a cultural phenomenon and literary model. In 2011-2012 Nataliia Kanashko took several graduate seminars (culture of Pre-Petrine Russia, literary theory) at the University of Cambridge under the Cambridge Ukrainian studentship. As a result, she produced two essays that dealt with the figure of the author and the concepts of authorship in “Life of Avvakum (The Life Written by Himself)”, a unique example of XVII century literature and Viktor Shklovsky’s “Zoo, or Letters not about Love”, a notable exercise in the formalist approach to creative writing. The project she proposes to carry out at the Sapienza University of Rome and at Charles University would analyze Andrei Platonov’s work in the historical and cultural context of Russian literature in order to delineate the mechanism of familiarization and the subsequent creation of the particular literary models (such as dvoeverie). She expects that the theoretical findings of this research could be applied to other media and art forms. In particular, she is interested in the connection between literature and contemporary music.

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