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Starting from the Master's Degree in Human Resources Psychology, up to the achievement of the Doctorate in Social, Developmental and Educational Research Psychology, the main research interest focuses on experimental teaching methodologies mediated by the use of digital technologies, whether in schools, universities and adult education. Within this operational and conceptual reference framework, the intervention and research directions cover, in particular, the definition and planning of Pedagogical Designs for university teaching within multimedia environments that integrate digital tools for the development of skills and curricular learning.
Through participation in important international projects under the Erasmus+ and Horizon2020 funding plans, she has promoted experiments on national and European territory which have led to the publication of important scientific articles, as well as two nationally recognized manuals. She is co-author of the Italian review of the Finnish theoretical model "Trialogical Approach to Learning", recognized by MIUR as a best practice of the National Digital School Plan 2021.
Currently RTD-B in Experimental Pedagogy, holds the role of coordinator for Unitelma Sapienza for the training and updating of teachers and tutors for the development of teaching in e-learning, Co-coordinator of the Sapienza and Unitelma Sapienza inter-university online degree course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Director of the TASK Master - Technologies for the Learning of Knowledge and the Development of Skills, Representative of Researchers in the Academic Senate, Member of the Joint Teacher-Student Commission, Member of the Insurance Management Commission of Quality of the Single Cycle Master's Degree in Law.
Author of numerous scientific publications in impacted journals, Keynote Speakers in international Congresses, she is Chief Editor and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Scientific Review QWERTY (Classe A Anvur, Scopus and WoS indexed), as well as Rai Scuola consultant for innovative teaching methodologies.
National Scientific Qualification for the functions of Associate Professor in the Competition Sectors 11/D2 and 11/E2 achieved in 2021.

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