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ciclo: XXXIII

supervisore: Prof. Franco Bontempi

Titolo della tesi: Dynamic Analysis for fatigue performances assessment in Floating Offshore Wind Turbines electrical cables

In this thesis, a procedure is proposed to determine the fatigue life of different types of electrical cables connected to a single 5MW floating offshore wind turbine supported by spar-buoy at a water depth of 320 meters by using a numerical approach that takes into account site-specific wave and wind characteristics. Furthermore, the thesis models three 5MW floating offshore wind turbines with connected electrical cables in different shapes and configurations and evaluates the fatigue life of the electrical cables in several locations along with the electrical cables. The effect of the intensity and the simultaneous action of wave and wind are investigated and outcomes for different cable configurations are shown. to evaluate fatigue damage of the electrical cables a complex multi-physics model of 5MW floating offshore wind turbine considering aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, and structural loads is modelled and validated in different sea conditions, then by developing in-house MATLAB code lifetime of the electrical cables are evaluated. All analyses have been carried out using Ansys AQWA finite element computational code and the validation of the analyses have been done using FAST NREL open-source code.

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