PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII
email: ,
phone: 3518733082
building: IFO - Istituto Tumori Regina Elena
room: Unità Modelli Preclinici e Nuovi Agenti Terapeutici

supervisor: Simona D'Aguanno
advisor: Silvia Piconese

Research: Evaluation of the prognostic and predictive roles of Semaphorin 5A in metastatic melanoma patients

Matteo Brignone

Date and Place of Birth: 04/11/1996, Anzio (RM)
Residence: Via Guarcino 4 , Nettuno (RM)
Mobile: 3518733082

In progress - PhD in Life Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Simona D'Aguanno
"Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy
October 2021 - Master's Degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology
"Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy
Thesis title: "Antitumor effect of Bcl-2 family inhibitors in combination with molecularly targeted therapy in preclinical models of melanoma"
Supervisor: Prof. Fulvio Cruciani
Tutor: Dr. Donatella Del Bufalo (Regina Elena National Cancer Institute [IRE], Rome, Italy
Score: 110/110 cum laude

October 2018- Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences
"Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy
Thesis title: "Mechanisms involved in the adaptation of Zika virus to the vector"
Supervisor: Milena Grossi
Score: 110/110 cum laude

2015- High School Diploma
Liceo Classico "Chris Cappell College", address: Viale Antium n°5, 00042, Anzio (RM), Italy

Professional experience
July 2022 – to date: scholarship within the research project: "Investigating the predictive and prognostic role of circulating Semaphorins in melanoma patients treated with target therapy or immunotherapy, and evaluation of Semaphorin 5A as druggable target for melanoma therapy."
Tutor: Dr. Simona D'Aguanno

Unit of Preclinical Models and New Therapeutic Agents, IRE, Rome, Italy

January 2022- June 2022: scholarship within the research project 'Shaping melanoma microenvironment by bcl-2: from novel mediators of tumor/stroma crosstalk to new therapeutic approaches.'
Tutor: Dr. Donatella Del Bufalo

Unit of Preclinical Models and New Therapeutic Agents, IRE, Rome, Italy

October 2020 – October 2021 Internship for the master's thesis
Tutor: Dr. Donatella Del Bufalo
Unit of Preclinical Models and New Therapeutic Agents, IRE, Rome, Italy

Training courses
July 2022 - Interactive training course "Precision Oncology: genetic testing, immunotherapy and target drugs"
Pointercare srl, Rome, Italy.
June 2022 – Training course for the Protection of Laboratory Animals in Scientific Research
"Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore", Centro Ricerche Sperimentali (CENRIS), Rome, Italy

Language skills
Mother tongue: Italian
Other languages: English

Technical skills
• Cell Biology: preparation and maintenance of tumor cell lines of different histotype. Viability, proliferation, clonogenicity, migration and cell invasion assay; Transient and stable transfection and gene silencing of cancer cell lines. Preparation of reagents and pharmacological treatment of tumor cell lines, analysis of drug interactions (CalcuSyn and MedCalc). Sample preparation and flow cytometric analysis of apoptosis with Annexin V/PI and cell distribution in the different phases of the cell cycle with Propidium Iodide (PI).
• Molecular Biology: plasmid DNA extraction, RNA extraction from cells and tissues, conventional and Real-Time PCR.
• Biochemistry: protein extraction from cells and tissues, protein expression analysis by Western Blotting and ELISA.
• Animal models: theoretical and practical skills to work with mouse models.
• Computer skills: Knowledge of the Windows operating system; e-mail management and Web Browser (Chrome, Explorer), use of the Office package (Word, Excell, Power point, Outlook), use of the graphics programs of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Use of image-J for digital processing of experimental images, use of CalcuSyn and MedCalc for the analysis of drug interactions, use of databases (PubMed, PDB) use of PyMOL for visualization of protein structure, use of BLAST and FASTA for sequence alignment.

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