PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII

supervisor: Mara Matta, Università di Roma Sapienza
co-supervisor: Massimo Moretti, Università di Roma Sapienza


Research project abstract:

The research project starts from the observation that the Asian diasporas in Italy testify to a growing presence of women from Central and South Asia active in the field of fashion and art entrepreneurship. Asian women are among the promoters of a strong green shift in their respective local economies and, even in the diaspora in Italy, they claim the need to intervene, demonstrating sensitivity and aesthetics of contamination that enrich the debate around climate change and the role that women can play in sustainable development processes. This research intends not only to identify and survey, but also to share, enhance and network the good entrepreneurial and artistic practices of Asian diaspora women in Italy who are involved or themselves creators of sustainable productions, meaning 'sustainability' not only in its meaning of use and production of economic resources with low or zero environmental impact, but also as an ethical vision and a wide-ranging social program that place human resources and the protection of the rights of migrant women engaged in such businesses. It also aims to create connections and exchange of knowledge, skills and knowledge between the world of small and medium-sized enterprises of the diaspora with the productive fabric of Made in Italy directly involved in manufacturing and artistic productions attentive to environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Research products

11573/1673439 - 2022 - Essere donna in Afghanistan
Jami, Maryam - 02a Capitolo o Articolo
book: Donne, vita, libertà - (9788894977622)

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