PhD Graduate

PhD program:: XXXV

supervisor: Prof. Stefano Ferraina


Response inhibition is an essential aspect of cognitive control that is necessary for terminating inappropriate preplanned or ongoing responses. Initially the study of the behavioral and neural correlates of action inhibition has been focused mainly on reactive inhibition, that is the ability to suppress an ongoing response upon the presentation of an imperative stimulus. However, the current line of research in the field is unearthing a more complex picture of the mechanism involved in action control, calling into question the role of proactive control, that is the ability to anticipate response inhibition in the absence of an external command.The present work fits the current state of the art on action control by investigating two main issues: In the first study we will provide neural evidence for the alternation of two inhibitory mechanisms (reactive and proactive) accordingly to the strategy subjects adopt to solve a selective-stop task. In the second study, we will show how response preparation affects subjects’ performance in the same task, to explicitly demonstrate how factors usually uncontrolled during the experiments (e.g., the preparatory state before the presentation of imperative stimuli) influence how agents face the task demands.

Research products

11573/1667826 - 2024 - Response preparation affects cognitive motor control
Andujar, Marta; Marc, Isabel Beatrice; Giuffrida, Valentina; Ferraina, Stefano; Brunamonti, Emiliano; Pani, Pierpaolo - 01a Articolo in rivista
paper: HUMAN FACTORS (SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC, 2455 TELLER RD, THOUSAND OAKS, USA, CA, 91320 - HUMAN FACTORS SOC, BOX 1369, SANTA MONICA, USA, CA, 90406. - Pergamon Press. Luogo pubbl. New York .) pp. 975-986 - issn: 0018-7208 - wos: WOS:000867348400001 (2) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85139822743 (2)

11573/1692645 - 2023 - Local field potentials in macaque dorsal premotor cortex are modulated by the manipulation of acquired ordinal information in a transitive inference task
Marc, I. B.; Giuffrida, V.; Ramawat, S.; Andujar, M.; Bardella, G.; Pani, P.; Ferraina, S.; Brunamonti, E. - 04f Poster
conference: NEUROSCIENCE ANNUAL MEETING 2023 (Washington, DC)
book: Neuroscience 2023 abstracts - ()

11573/1621811 - 2021 - Failure of the race model accounting for inhibition in a stop signal selective task of upper and lower limb
Marc, I. B.; Romano, V.; Ramawat, S.; Fiori, L.; Andujar, M.; Londei, F.; Ceccarelli, F.; Ferraina, S.; Brunamonti, E. - 04f Poster
conference: 71st SIF National Congress (Milano (Online))
book: 71st SIF National Congress - ()

11573/1621813 - 2021 - Differences in task-difficulty encoding during logical decision-making in prefrontal and premotor cortical activity from non-human primates
Ramawat, S.; Marc, I. B.; Andujar, M.; Ceccarelli, F.; Londei, F.; Pani, P.; Genovesio, A.; Ferraina, S.; Brunamonti, E. - 04f Poster
conference: 71st SIF National Congress The Italian Society of Physiology (Milan (Online))
book: 71st SIF National Congress - ()

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