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Brief Bio I am Marco Marini, Italian, 27. I was born in Rome on July, 25th, 1991. I took my master degree in cognitive science at the Roma Tre university in 2017. I started my research path in January 2016, in Paris, when I joined the experimental philosophy group at the ENS. I then got interested about the theories of neuroeconomics, and I decided to carry on such passion particularly during my master thesis, with an internship at the ISTC of the CNR in Rome, in which I investigated some types and processes of decision making. Then I got a fellowship at the ISTC institute of the CNR during which I worked on decision making in an intertemporal and uncertain enviroment. Today I am a PhD student at the University of Rome La Sapienza, and I presented the results of my first research in some international conferences. I would like to continue this path investigating the neuro-cognitive processes, the response strategies and the systematic biases underlying human decision-making mechanisms. Research Experience ISTC - CNR, Rome, Italy - FELLOWSHIP January 2018 - November 2018 Research activities: - Decision making, intertemporal choices and risk preferences. - Eye-tracking and attentional processing; data analysis with the Tobii Studio software. Working with the Social Psychology Group of Rome 3 University. - Behavioural & cognitive economics. Rational theory and irrational behaviour.– - Metabolic changes and risk preferences in collaboration with the ISTC-Laboratory of Agent Based Simulation (LABSS). ISTC - CNR, Rome, Italy - INTERNSHIP March 2017 - December 2017 Research streams: Neuroeconomics, behavioural & cognitive economics, decision making, cognitive science. Research activities: literature review, experimental protocols design, data collection and analysis, statistical tests, thesis manuscript writing, Journal paper preparation. Software used: Qualtrics, SPSS, Excel Presentation of the thesis in the "Economia comportamentale e scelte intertemporali e rischiose" workshop at the Università degli studi di Urbino Carlo Bo, Fano, Italy. Participation at the AISC 2017 conference, Bologna, Italy École normale supérieure, Paris, France - RESEARCH ASSISTANT January 2016 - 30 April 2016 Research activity at Jean Nicod institute, dep. of cognitive studies. Experimental philosophy & social cognition group Research activities: - Eye-tracking and pupillometry study, data analysis with the Tobii Studio software of healthy subjects and patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Working with the Social Cognition Group, under the direction of Tiziana Zalla. - Syntax & Intentionality experiment: the linguistic intentionality bias: the case of the experiencer verbs. Working with the Experimental Philosophy Group, under the direction of Brent Strickland - Gender bias study: an online interview-based study on the perception of the phenomenon in males and females. In collaboration of the Experimental Philosophy Group, under the direction of Brent Strickland Education Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy PHD IN PSYCHOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE November 2018 - Today Project name: Cognitive biases in multialternative and multiattribute decision making. Roma Tre University of Rome, Rome, Italy M.S. IN COGNITIVE SCIENCE OF ACTION AND COMMUNICATION January 2014 - December 2017 Graduated with Distinction (110/110) Thesis in Cognitive economics. Title: Cognitive biases in intertemporal and probabilistic decision making: an experimental study on the decoy effect Internship at the ISTC-CNR (Istituto di scienze e tecnologie della cognzione) Liverpool school of english, Liverpool, UK ENGLISH COURSE FOR B2 CLASSIFICATION November 2015 - December 2015 General english intensive plus course Sapienza University of Rome Rome, Italy B.S. IN LITERATURE AND PHILOSOPHY September 2010 - December 2013 Thesis in philosophy of mind. Title: Mind and language in non-human animals Skills PROGRAMMING ADVANCED: Qualtrics, SPSS, Statistica BASIC: Tobii studio, LaTeX INFORMATICS ADVANCED: MS Windows, iOS, Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Windows Movie Maker, Photoshop BASIC: Unix-Linux, Java LANGUAGES ITALIAN: Mother tongue ENGLISH: Intermediate International conferences TALK 2018 Cognitive biases in intertemporal and probabilistic decision making ESPP 2018. 26th Conference of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Rijeka, Croatia 2018 Cognitive strategies in probabilistic and intertemporal choice enviroment ”Kinds of Reasoning”; IV FINO Conference in Mind, Language and Science Vercelli, Italy, 2018 Decoy effect: the role of time pressure, immediacy and certainty Conference MidTerm AISC 2018, “Levels of cognition” Genova, Italy Referees Prof. Fabio Paglieri,, Institute for Cognitive Science and Technologies of the CNR, Rome, Italy Prof. Francesco Ferretti,, University of Roma Tre, Rome, Italy Prof. Brent Strickland,, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, Paris, France Prof. Massimo Marraffa,, University of Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Research products

  • 11573/1442289 - 2020 - Attraction comes from many sources. Attentional and comparative processes in decoy effects (01a Articolo in rivista)
  • 11573/1442238 - 2020 - How Soundtracks Shape What We See: Analyzing the Influence of Music on Visual Scenes Through Self-Assessment, Eye Tracking, and Pupillometry (01a Articolo in rivista)
  • 11573/1497757 - 2019 - Soundtrack shapes the way we relate to movie scenes: toward a multi-level model of interpretation (04d Abstract in atti di convegno)
  • 11573/1346677 - 2019 - Decoy effects in intertemporal choice as a litmus test for connectionist models of decision-making (04d Abstract in atti di convegno)
  • 11573/1345874 - 2019 - XVI AISC Annual Conference 2019 THE COMPLEXITY OF COGNITION: MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES TO HUMAN BEHAVIOUR (14g Organizzazione di convegni)
  • 11573/1346676 - 2019 - The influence of music on risk attitude (04d Abstract in atti di convegno)

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