Full professor


MARCO BIZZARINI is full Professor of Musicology at the Federico II University of Naples. He is the author of a monograph on Luca Marenzio that aroused lively interest in Italy and abroad, so that Ashgate published an English translation in 2003 ("Luca Marenzio: The Career of a Musician between the Renaissance and the Counter-Reformation"). His volume on Benedetto Marcello (Palermo, L'Epos) dates back to 2006. In 2012 he wrote the book "Federico Borromeo and music" (Rome, Bulzoni, 2012). In 2016 he edited, with Aleksandra Pister, Marco Scacchi's "Canones nonnulli" (Königsberg, 1649) published by the Museum of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius. In the field of poetry for music and musical dramaturgy, he is the author of several studies on Battista Guarini, Apostolo Zeno, Carlo Goldoni and Ranieri de' Calzabigi. For the Fondazione Levi di Venezia, in 2003, he edited the poetic texts of Benedetto Marcello's cantatas. Since 2004 he has collaborated with the Italian Institute Antonio Vivaldi of the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice: among other things, he participated in the critical edition of Vivaldi's operas "La fida ninfa" and "La Griselda". His articles have appeared in international musicological journals, published by Oxford University Press, University of California Press, Polish Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Santa Cecilia. He is a member of the Ateneo di Brescia and the Accademia Ambrosiana of Milan.

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