PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVI
building: Via dei Marsi, 78

supervisor: Prof. Guido Benvenuto
co-supervisor (2): Prof. Stefano Livi

Qualifications obtained:
- Master of II level in Psychodiagnostics for clinical and medical-legal evaluation with basic legal and forensic elements (University of Rome "Sapienza")
- Master Degree in Applied Psychology in the contexts of health, work and legal-forensic (University of Rome "Sapienza")
- Bachelor Degree in Psychological Sciences (University of Rome "Sapienza")

Current Activities:
PhD student at the Department of Psychology of Developmental and Socialization Processes (DPPSS).

Research Interests:
Research interests concern risk and protective factors in adolescence, with a focus on the role that socio-cognitive dynamics play in well-being and school adaptation. Current research focuses on the multiple factors involved in the phenomenon of early school dropout, particularly among students with migrant backgrounds. Additional areas of interest are: school bullying and ethnic bullying, school motivation, social comparison processes in school classrooms, formative assessment, innovative teaching methods.

Research products

  • 11573/1670790 - 2023 - Innovative teaching and inclusive pedagogy. The experience of students in the School of Relations and Responsibility (01a Articolo in rivista)
    Mara Marini, Manuela MONTEBELLO, Stefano LIVI, Guido BENVENUTO
  • 11573/1670791 - 2023 - Perceiving oneself to be integrated into the peer group: a protective factor against victimization in children with learning disabilities (01a Articolo in rivista)
    Mara Marini, Stefano LIVI
  • 11573/1670789 - 2022 - Being invisible at school. Understanding outcomes and mechanisms associated with ostracism experiences among adolescents (04f Poster)
    Mara Marini, ALESSANDRA CECALUPO, Federica Scarci, Stefano LIVI
  • 11573/1670792 - 2022 - L’importanza della relazione educativa per il benessere e il successo scolastico di studenti e studentesse: un’indagine empirica tra adolescenti della scuola secondaria di secondo grado (04b Atto di convegno in volume)
    Mara Marini
  • 11573/1670787 - 2022 - Innovare la scuola: un progetto di sperimentazione didattica nella “Scuola delle Relazioni e della Responsabilità” (04b Atto di convegno in volume)
    Mara Marini
  • 11573/1643237 - 2022 - Individual strivings in social comparison processes. Achievement motivation goals in the Big-Fish-Little-Pond effect (01a Articolo in rivista)
    ALESSANDRA CECALUPO, Mara Marini, Federica Scarci, Stefano LIVI
  • 11573/1480932 - 2020 - Covid-19 and political communication through media: the influence of interpersonal attraction and perceived propinquity towards the Prime Minister on Italians’ opinions and perceptions (01a Articolo in rivista)
    ALESSANDRA CECALUPO, Federica Scarci, Mara Marini, Stefano LIVI
  • 11573/1345981 - 2019 - Aspetti individuali, interpersonali e sociali del bullismo etnico: studio su un campione nazionale di studenti della scuola secondaria di primo grado (01a Articolo in rivista)
    Mara Marini, Stefano LIVI, Gloria DI FILIPPO, CATERINA D'ARDIA, Guido BENVENUTO

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