PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIX
phone: 3280924529
building: CU027
room: t01


Research: Innovative Approaches in the Characterization of New Tumor Targets and Development of Therapeutic Agents: Design, Optimization, and Delivery

2023-11 -Current Paiardini A. Lab
Sapienza University Of Rome - Department of Biochemical Sciences, Rome - Italy
PhD Student, curricula in Bioinformatics and Omics, Macromolecule
Structure and Function and Drug Discovery

2021-10 -2023-09  Amit I. Lab
Weizmann Institute of Science - Department of Immuno Genomics, Rehovot - Israel
PhD Student | Novel immunotherapeutic approaches to reshape the TME

2021-07 -2021-09  Tartaglia G.G. Lab
Italian Institute of Technology, IIT, Genoa - Italy
External collaborator for the eQTLs analysis of genetic variants associated with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder from the Psychencode database.

2019-10 -2020-12  Rajewsky N. Lab
Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology - Max Delbruck Center, Berlin - Germany
Master Thesis project: “Genome-wide analysis of poly(A) tails length in cytoplasm/nucleus reveals nuclear shortening with functional implications”

2019-03 - 2019-09  Bozzoni I. Lab
Italian Institute of Technology, IIT, Rome - Italy
Master internship project on single cell RNA sequencing during motor neuron differentiation of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (SLA) patients derived iPSCs and correspective mESCs mutant.

2018-03 - 2018-07  Presutti C. Lab
Sapienza University of Rome - Deparment of Biology and Biotecnology. Rome - Italy
Bachelor thesis project: “Characterization of the HIVEP2 circular RNA isoform, isolated from hippocampus of model mice for Autism Spectrum Disorders”

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