PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII

supervisor: prof. Mauro Camiz; prof.ssa Letizia Vezzosi

Research: Central Scandinavian dialectography from a diachronic perspective

Phd student in Linguistics at "La Sapienza" University of Rome, in collaboration with University Roma Tre (curriculum in Historical Linguistics)

Mainly specialised in the diachronic and dialectological aspects of the Germanic and Scandinavian area, with interests ranging from Romance Linguistics (especially concerning Italian dialectology and Dolomitian Ladin) to Indoeuropean, including philology and sociolinguistics as well.

The research project "Central Scandinavian dialectography from a diachronic perspective" is focused on the analysis of the phonetic and morphological features shared by several varieties spoken across the border between Sweden and Norway, respectively in the Dalarna, Jämtland, Härjedalen, Trøndelag and Innlandet regions.

22/09/2020 M.A. in Linguistics, thesis title "Diachronic profiling of Övdalian: conservative and innovative features of a scandinavian minority", evaluated with 110 with hons/110

Academic and work activity

27/10/2020 – 25/03/2021 Volunteer Italian L2 Teacher, Scuolemigranti Network
08/02/2021 – 20/12/2021 Italian Language Cafè Coordinator, Stockholm University (Språkstudion)
12/02/2021 – 19/03/2021 "Italy and Sweden between dialects and media" seminar cycle, Stockholm University (Språkstudion, Romanska och klassiska institutionen)
16/04/2021 "Dialect and voice varieties in dubbed films" seminar, Stockholm University (Språkstudion)
22/04/2021 "Övdalian (älvdalska): archaic morphological features between dialectology and historical linguistics" seminar, University of Milan "La Statale"
17/02/2022 "Musicality in Italian and the Scandinavian Languages: accent, melody, and rhythm" seminar, co-host Miriam Conti, M.A., Stockholm University (Språkstudion, Romanska och klassiska institutionen)

Participation to higher education and training events

01/09/2021 – 3/09/2021 Linguistics Summer School, University of Udine, Italian Linguistics Society
25/01/2022 – 28/01/2022 Germanic Philology Winter School, University of Bergamo, Italian Association of Germanic Philology

Cultural associations memberships

01/10/2020 Ulum Dalska
01/03/2022 De Vereniging van Oudgermanisten (VOG)


Italian: Native
English: C2 (IELTS Academic 8.5)
Swedish: C1
German: B2
Dutch: B2 (ITNA)

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