PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII
phone: 0649918236
building: Policlinico Umberto I, Viale Regina Elena 324 - V Clinica Medica
room: II piano, stanza 214

supervisor: Marco Tripodi
advisor: Marco Tripodi

Research: RBPs role in extracellular vesicles-mediated cellular communication

Title of the PhD project: " RBPs role in extracellular vesicles-mediated cellular communication"
Thematic area: Applied biology

Bachelor's degree in Biology with the thesis “Role analysis of the transcription factor DAG1 in Cardamine hirsuta germination”
Master’s degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology, with the thesis "Cardamine hirsuta, a plant model system with a high germination potential: characterization of the germination pathway”

Brief description of the PhD project:
The PhD project aims to broaden the knowledge about extracellular vesicles-mediated intercellular communication during tumor progression focusing on the RNA binding proteins, known to play a role in loading regulative RNAs. Particularly, the RBP SYNCRIP contribution in hepatocarcinoma-derived EVs microRNA loading has been analyzed through protein stable silencing via shRNA. The microRNA within the EVs were isolated and sequenced, whereas many types of receiving cells were treated with the same EVs to perform a functional analysis. Sequencing results were analyzed using a bioinformatics pipeline developed by me.

Partecipation to the research project funded by AIRC
PI: Marco Tripodi
Grant: 500.000€
Duration: 5 years

Seminars, meetings, courses attended:
Application of deep learning to the protein structure prediction: the tale of a "gigantic leap"
(Speaker: Anna Marabotti)
Deciphering self-renewal traits in epidermal stem cells
(Speaker: Elena Enzo)
Insulin signaling in Alzheimer's disease brain and models thereof
(Speaker: Eugenio Barone)
Educating tutor-associate macrophages under metabolic stress
(Speaker: Ping-Chih Ho)
Protecting our genome: mechanisms to maintain DNA repeats stability in human cells
(Speaker: Simona Giunta)
Regulation of enzymatic activity mediated by liquid-liquid phase separation
(Speaker: Mirco Dindo)
The chaperonin GroEL nano-machine: allostery and function
(Speaker: Amnon Horowitz)
The axonal transport machinery and its dysfunctions in neurogenerative diseases
(Speaker: Giampietro Schiavo)
Advanced Microscopy
(Course organized by prof. Silvia Di Angelantonio)
Preparing artwork for scientific papers
(Course organized by prof. Giorgio Giardina)
Riboregulation from bacteria to eukaryotes: mechanisms and challenges
NanoInnovation 2023

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