PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIX
email: katerynamychka@gmail.com

co-supervisor: doc. Mgr. Libuše Heczková, Ph.D. / Prof.ssa Oxana Pachlovska / Mgr. Radomyr Mokryk, Ph.D.

Research: The Nation-Building Process of Independent Ukraine in the Literary Works of Serhij Žadan

Kateryna Mychka was born in Ukraine and has lived and studied in Italy since 2012. She graduated with honors in 2020 from the State University of Milan with a bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, with a thesis on the representation of space in the First World War stories of Ukrainian writer Ol'ha Kobyljans'ka (Prof. Yaryna Grusha). During her bachelor's degree, she studied for a year at the University of Vienna, participating in the Erasmus+ program. Shortly after her bachelor's degree as a merit student, she was selected for a scholarship for the online Master's program in Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy at Centro Studi Comunicare L'impresa, which she completed in 2022 with a project on Italian and Czech language courses at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague. Then, in 2023, she received her master's degree with full marks, obtained at Milan State University, with a thesis dedicated to the reading of space and the spatial dimension of Serhij Žadan's novel "Vorošylovhrad" (Prof. Maria Grazia Bartolini and Prof. Yaryna Grusha). During her master's studies, she took part in the Erasmus+ program at the University of Tartu first and then at the University of Constance. Within the 4EU+ project, she also participated in the virtual mobility project at Charles University in Prague, taking courses dedicated to Ukrainian history and literature. To write her master's thesis, she won a scholarship for a thesis research period abroad, which took place at the University of Tartu. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Germanic and Slavic Studies at Charles University in Prague and Sapienza University in Rome. She is particularly interested in contemporary Ukrainian literature and in translation from Ukrainian to Italian and vice versa. She is a member of the Italian Association of Ukrainian Studies. She contributes to the Italian Ukrainian-language journal "Slava Evropi," and she is in charge of the Italian version of a multilingual media about Ukraine, "UkraineWorld".

Research products

11573/1716154 - 2024 - Коли щось пішло не так
Mychka, Kateryna - 03e Traduzione di libro

11573/1716156 - 2024 - Metaphysical dimension of movement in the novel of Serhij Zhadan “Voroshilovgrad”
Mychka, Kateryna - 04b Atto di convegno in volume
conference: Graduate Student Conference in Russian Language and Literatures (Tallinn–Tartu–Helsinki) May 12–14, 2023 (Tallinn)
book: Russkaja Filologija. 33 Sbornik naychnyh rabot molodyh filologov. Graduate Student Conference in Russian Language and Literatures (Tallinn–Tartu–Helsinki) May 12–14, 2023 - ()

11573/1697101 - 2023 - Чарівники й чаклунки: посібник із магії для початківців
Mychka, Kateryna - 03e Traduzione di libro

11573/1697104 - 2023 - Oleksij Čupa, Favole dal mio rifugio antiaereo, traduzione a cura di Alessandro Achilli, Trento, Il Margine, 2023, 240 pagine, € 17 [Kazky moho bomboschovyšča, Charkiv, Klub Simejnoho Dozvillja, 2015].
Mychka, Kateryna - 01d Recensione
paper: NIPRÒ (Palermo: New Digital Frontiers) pp. 156-157 - issn: 2974-6531 - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

11573/1697107 - 2023 - Jaroslav Myšanyč: Note da Kyiv. 24.02.2022 – estate 2023
Mychka, Kateryna; Cirincione, Rossella - 01e Traduzione in rivista
paper: NIPRÒ (Palermo: New Digital Frontiers) pp. 143-152 - issn: 2974-6531 - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

11573/1692941 - 2023 - Felicità
Mychka, Kateryna; Grusha, Yaryna - 02e Traduzione in volume
book: Dimensione Kyiv - Борис Антоненко-Давидович (9788817176873)

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