PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVII

supervisor: Alessandra Brezzi (Sapienza Università di Roma)
co-supervisor: Paolo Magagnin (Ca' Foscari Università di Venezia)

Research: Spaces and Worlds of Fantasy Literature in China: Literary Magazines (provisional title)


Over the past twenty years, in the People's Republic of China, fantasy fiction has experienced a phase of great growth and circulation inspired by the importation from abroad of Western fantasy literature and other entertainment products as role-playing games, videogames and Japanese manga. Chinese fantasy fiction is one of the largest manifestations of internet literature (wangluo wenxue 网络文学) since the beginning of the new century, when virtual communities started producing and consuming this fiction on forums and platforms. Beyond the production of internet fantasy fiction, between 2003 and 2013 the genre also circulated through other channels, especially on literary magazines such as Legends Old and New: Magic Fantasy (Jin gu chuanqi qihuan ban 今古传奇·奇幻版) and Fantasy World (Fei qihuan shijie飞·奇幻世界).
After the study of the diachronic development of the genre in contemporary China, taking into consideration the different production and circulation channels, this project aims to define the characteristics of the short stories published on magazines, trying to describe a form of fantasy literature which, during the ten years of its circulation, offered a different form from the internet literature in terms of style, themes and functions.

11/2021: PhD candidate at the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies (ISO), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

09/2012 - 04/2014: Master in Chinese Studies Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona)

09/2008 - 04/2012: Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, University of Milan.

Research products

11573/1697192 - 2023 - La letteratura fantasy in Cina: Guixu di Qitongren
Cella, Gloria - 02a Capitolo o Articolo
book: Percorsi in Civiltà dell'Asia e dell'Africa III. Quaderni di studi dottorali alla Sapienza - (978-88-9377-292-1)

11573/1666927 - 2022 - "Il 29"
Cella, Gloria - 02e Traduzione in volume
book: Caratteri 2021, Tempi che corrono - 七堇年 (978-7-119-12916-7)

11573/1666928 - 2022 - Universi paralleli
Cella, Gloria - 01e Traduzione in rivista
paper: LA LETTURA (Milano : RCS quotidiani, 2011 Milano : RCS Mediagroup) pp. - - issn: 2421-5511 - wos: (0) - scopus: (0)

11573/1666931 - 2022 - Il paratesto del romanzo web in Cina: il caso Punto di partenza
Cella, Gloria - 01a Articolo in rivista
paper: ENTHYMEMA () pp. 52-69 - issn: 2037-2426 - wos: WOS:000966210400005 (0) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85147098650 (0)

11573/1604753 - 2021 - "L'orgoglio della prateria"
Cella, Gloria - 02e Traduzione in volume
book: Caratteri 2020. Dei fiumi e dei laghi, racconti wuxia - Long Renqing 龙仁青 ()

11573/1604746 - 2021 - Giovane Babilonia
Cella, Gloria; Riva Natalia, Francesca - 03e Traduzione di libro

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