PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIV

supervisor: prof.ssa Elisabetta Bonvino, dott. Mauro Falcone, prof. Giancarlo Schirru

Research: Non-native Coarticulation

Accents, Acoustic Phonetics, Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Automatic Speech Recognition, Corpus Creation, Linguistic Data Annotation for Artificial Intelligences.

2018- ongoing, PhD in Linguistics (Acoustic Phonetics), Roma Tre University and Sapienza University of Rome

The project investigates the acoustic cues related to coarticulation strategies in non-native Italian, among groups of adult learners with different L1s. The aim is to detect repertoire-dependent interferences and possible interlanguage-dependent patterns. In fact, non-native coarticulation competence may contribute to convey foreign accented speech.
Tutors: Elisabetta Bonvino, Mauro Falcone, Giancarlo Schirru.

2017-2018, PF24 and post-lauream exams, University of Bari

2014-2017, Master’s Degree in Modern Philology, University of Bari
Thesis in General Linguistics: “Italian L2 Phonetics of Albanian and Arabic speakers. Timing and realization strategies of singleton obstruents”; tutor: Patrizia Sorianello.
Exchange period (09/2016-12/2016) at the Stockholm University, Language Education Department; co-tutor: Camilla Bardel.

2010-2014, Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Literature, University of Bari
Thesis in Bibliography and Library Science: “E-books: access and preservation”; tutor: Pietro Sisto.

-“Accuracy of ASR transcriptions of non-standard speech. The Italian language in the OH Portal” (with Silvia Brambilla), AItLA 2021, Bergamo.
Multilingualism from various perspectives of Applied Linguistics, 23-24th October 2020, Gliwice.
-“Non-native coarticulation: (new) prospective insights into (old) multilingualism- and phonetics-related issues. A theoretical standpoint”, Multilingualism from various perspectives of Applied Linguistics, Gliwice.
-“Preliminary methodological choices promoting the grouping of L2 Italian phonetic phenomena”, Stockholm.

2017-2018: tutor, University of Bari, Department of Physics.
2015-2016: tutor, University of Bari, Department of Literature, Languages, and Arts.
2014-2015, Global Thesis scholarship for internationalization.
2014-2015: tutor, University of Bari, Department of Literature, Languages, and Arts.

Linguistic data annotation for Appen Ltd, Neevo, and Babelscape.
Volunteer in the Language Tandem group with Erasmus Student Network (Bari).
Teacher of Italian Language and Culture for foreigners, Penny Wirton School (Bari).
Cooperation with the GISCEL (Bari) with Rosaria Solarino.

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