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Titolo della tesi: A multi-perspective approach for the analysis of rainfall-induced shallow landslides

The current Ph.D. project concerns the analysis of rainfall-induced shallow landslides (such as soil slips and debris flows) from different points of view, through the integration of completely different techniques and optimizing all the different types of available data at different scales. The study area is located in the North-western sector of the city of Rome (Central Italy) which has been frequently affected, over the years, by similar instability phenomena. The most recent landslide event occurred between 31 January and 02 February 2014, when nearly 71 landslides occurred all around the city, causing important damages on the human-built assets. Mitigating rainfall-induced shallow landslide related risk is therefore a priority to such a vulnerable city due to its precious archeological and monumental heritage as well to its very high population density. In the light of all the above, the research activity can be summarized in four steps: 1) Susceptibility analysis to the initiation of shallow landslides for a large portion (Study area) of the territory of Rome through multivariate and bivariate statistical techniques; 2) Definition of triggering scenarios through distributed, physically-based numerical models, starting from the back-analysis of the 2014 landslide event; 3) Detailed analysis of the physics governing the triggering process through experimental tests conducted on a soil slope model. Specifically, the analogical physical model consisted of a flume with controlled rain forcing and monitoring of the most significant parameters for the triggering mechanisms (i.e. suction pressure and water content); 4) Potential integration of the proposed different techniques in the framework of a more general description of the studied phenomenon. Therefore, this study aims at contributing to a better knowledge of the role of natural and anthropogenic factors, in view to address a suitable land use management and to support sustainable geo-hazard risk mitigation policies in similar contexts.

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11573/1281343 - 2019 - The role of initial soil conditions in shallow landslide triggering. Insights from physically based approaches
Schilirò, L.; Poueme Djueyep, Geraud; Esposito, C.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G. - 01a Articolo in rivista
rivista: GEOFLUIDS (Oxford : Blackwell Science, 2001-) pp. 1-14 - issn: 1468-8115 - wos: WOS:000471992000001 (14) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85067116981 (19)

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