PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVI

tutor: Marchetti Sarin - Donatelli Piergiorgio

Research: Moral Education and Democracy. Richard Rorty and the Liberal-Ironist

My research aims to investigate the figure of the Liberal-Ironist examined by Richard Rorty in his Contingency, Irony and Solidarity (1989), focusing on the ways in which Rorty rethinks the relationship between public and private in terms of a re-description of liberalism in a non-rationalist and non-universalist key. Thanks to the comparison with John Dewey and Stanley Cavell, the work aims to highlight the link between education in democratic contexts and a certain philosophical approach; this approach finds its strong points in the creative development of the imagination through language and in the ability for the individual to reinvent himself. In this sense I will proceed with the analysis of Gianni Rodari's methodological proposal, contained in the Grammatica della Fantasia (1976), which constitutes a concrete example of ironic redescription in the pedagogical field characterized by a common utopian attitude which gives constant elasticity to a social purpose. The aim of the research is to develop an interpretative line that sheds light on a certain way of understanding the redescriptive practice and the Rortian proposal as a whole, showing how the latter is able to provide indications for the development of a project, not only philosophical, but also political and cultural, in relation to the education of individuals in complex and dynamic societies such as the liberal-democratic one.

Ethics, education, democracy, irony, imagination, language

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