PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIX
email: elisa.frigato@uniroma1.it

supervisor: Prof. Max Victor David

Research: Bridges over the Tiber during the Valentinian era. New investigations

Ph.D. candidate in Archaeology, curriculum Archaeology and Post-Classical Antiquities, at Sapienza University of Rome, with a project entitled "Bridges over the Tiber during the Valentinian era. New investigations."

The research project aims at an in-depth study of the known and unknown bridges over the Tiber River restored in late antiquity by the Valentinians in the fourth century CE. The research aims to explore the hypothesis put forward by Squarciapino that more bridges may have existed on the Tiber than are known today, starting from the epigraph found at the confluence with the bend of the Fosso Galeria, where as many as thirteen (urban and extra-urban) are reported. However, scientific research has so far identified fewer of them. Therefore, the goal of the project is to find missing bridges along the Tiber River and analyze their relationship to the Aurelian Wall.

2023: Master's degree in Archaeology from La Sapienza (University of Rome) with a thesis in Christian Archaeology entitled "Horses, Mules and Donkeys in the Ostiense Urban Landscape. Archaeological indicators," supervisor: Prof. Max Victor David, co-rapporteur: Dr. Stefano De Togni, grade 110/110 cum laude.
2019: Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage from Alma Mater University of Bologna based in Ravenna, with a thesis in Archaeology of Late Antiquity entitled "Water sanctuaries in Roman and Late Antique times. The case of the Ficoncella sanctuary (near Civitavecchia)," supervisor: Prof. Max Victor David, grade 108/110.
Participation in archaeological missions:
- 2017-2023: Staff member of the Ostia Marina Project (Prof. Maximilian David).
- 2018-2023: Staff member of the Acheloo Project (from 2023 Aquae Sapientes Project) (Prof. Maximilian David).
- 2022: member of the Sapienza University of Rome archaeological mission to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem (Prof. Francesca Romana Stasolla).
- 2019: Member of the Melissa Project archaeological mission in Ravenna (Church of San Giovanni Evangelista) (Prof. Francesca Romana Stasolla, Prof. Massimiliano David).

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