PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIX

supervisor: Lorenzo Nigro

Research: The transition between Early Bronze Age I and II. Society and Economy on the threshold of the first urbanization in the southern Levant

• 2019-2020 Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeological Sciences, Near Eastern curriculum, at the Sapienza - University of Rome. Thesis title: L’Origine della Statuaria Antropomorfa nel Vicino Oriente. Supervisor: Prof. Lorenzo Nigro. 110 cum laude.

• 2021-2022 Master’s Degree in Archaeology, Near Eastern curriculum, at Sapienza - University of Rome. Thesis title: “Identità e memoria collettiva alle origini dell’urbanizzazione arcaica. Trasformazione e uso del paesaggio nel Levante meridionale tra Bronzo Antico I e II”. Supervisor: Prof.ssa Marta D’Andrea. Co-supervisor: Prof. Nicola Laneri. 110 cum laude.

• 2018-2020 Staff member of the Archaeological Mission to Motya (MAM) directed by Prof. Lorenzo Nigro.

• 2019 Staff member of the Roma La Sapienza Expedition to Palestine and Jordan directed by Prof. Lorenzo Nigro. Excavation in the archaeological site of Tell es-Sultan/Jericho.

• 2021-2022 Staff member of the Lebanese-Italian Project in the Region of Tyre directed by Prof.ssa Marta D’andrea, Prof.ssa May Haider and Dr. Ali Badawi.

• 2022-2023 Staff member of Khirbat Iskandar Excavations as Supervisor. Mission director and co-directors: Suzanne Richard (Gannon University), Marta D’Andrea (University of Rome La Sapienza) and Jesse C. Long (Lubbock Christian University).

• 2022-2023 Recipient of the Lawrence T. Geraty Travel Scholarship provided by the American Center of Research (ACOR):
• 2022-2023 Recipient of the 2022 ASOR Platt Scholarship for Fieldwork Participation provided by the American Society of Overseas Research:
• 2021-2022 Recipient of the Scholarship for Thesis Abroad provided by Sapienza University of Rome to support the stay at the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut of Berlin. Supervisor: Prof.ssa Marta D’Andrea. Tutor: Prof. Arnulf Hausleiter.

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