Delivered study plan 2021/2022


The construction of empirical data in psychosocial research
Styles and methods in educational research
Ethics in research

2) Research methodology
Methodology of quantitative research (research design, validity , etc.)
Methodology of qualitative and located research

3) Empirical data construction tools
Interviews, questionnaires, tests: the social construction of the quantitative data
Formulation of questions in interviews, questionnaires and tests
How to build an online survey?
Focus groups
Methods of observation:
- Introduction
- Behavior observation systems
- Ethnography and methods of observation of interaction
4) Data analysis techniques (choice of 8 out of 10) (April-September)

Correlation and Regression
Factorial Analysis
Text Analysis and Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) Text Analysis Software (NVIVO, ATLAS.ti)
Mediation and Moderation Models -

Conversation analysis methods

5) Methodological insights (choice of 2 among these) (October-December II year)

International education indicators
Grades, Judgements and school evaluation: aspects of docimology
Item Analysis (IRT+Rasch)
SPSS syntax
Case Studies: Methodology to evaluate development profiles and analyze the effectiveness of interventions

6) Writing: publications and projects
The peer-reviewed publication process
How to write scientific articles: approaches and textual genres
Introduction to European design
How to write a project for Marie Sklodowsk-Curie Actions, ERC starting grants and other European projects in research

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