Delivered study plan

The research activity of all PhD students, in the academic year 2017/2018 was also realized through the organization of multiple occasions for conferences and seminars, during which the same PhD students were involved with reports and speeches.
Moreover, the PhD students were asked to publish reviews, news, reviews of jurisprudence and norms, notes to sentences and scientific articles in scientific journals of national importance and, in particular, in "Nomos - The Laws of Law", in "Constitutional Observatory" ", in the" Health "and" Environment "Observatories of Giustamm, in the Telematic Review" International Order and Human Rights "and in the Focus Africa of the" "online journal.
First year doctoral students have attended a series of lectures on Italian and European parliamentary law, on forms of government, parties and party families in Italy and in the pluralist democracy systems, on the institutions of federalism, on the public law of the Italian economy and European organized in collaboration with the II level Master in European parliamentary institutions Mario Galizia for assembly consultants.
Furthermore, the PhD students followed the seminars organized by the individual curricula, whose details are attached in the right column of this page.

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