Delivered study plan

Advanced academic courses

-18/04/18 Advanced academic courses “L'impatto della job insecurity sugli individui, le organizzazioni e la società. Teorie, ricerche, possibili applicazioni. Prof. Chirumbolo, La Sapienza Università di Roma
-12-13-14-15/03/2018 Advanced academic courses Software di Realtà Virtuale (creazione di ambienti e avatars virtuali. 32 ore. Dr Gaetano Tieri, Unitelma Sapienza Roma
-16/02/18 e 12/03/18 Advanced academic courses “Invarianza fattoriale e item bias in Mplus: l'approccio MG con variabili continue e categoriali.” Prof. Claudio Barbaranelli, La Sapienza Università di Roma
-11/12/17 e 18/12/17 Advanced academic courses “Un’introduzione ai Modelli di Equazioni Strutturali (SEM) con Mplus. Prof.Michele Vecchione, La Sapienza Università di Roma

Lab meetings

-Giuseppina Porciello (PostDoc at SCNL Lab) Project presentation "Characterising interoception during pregnancy and it's role in body dissatisfaction"
-Matteo Marucci XXXII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Project presentation: MoTo Project - The Embodied ReMote Tower
-Alessandro Monti XXXII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Commentary: "Can a Neuroscientist understand a microprocessor?"

-Dr Paolo Riva, Università di Milano Bicocca. Data presentation: “The Many Faces of Social Exclusion”
-Sarah Boukarras XXXII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation: "How social status shapes affective evaluations and dyadic motor interactions in humans"
-Valentina Pacella XXXII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation: The role of white matter disconnections in Anosognosia for Hemiplegia.

-Dr. Chiara Bozzacchi, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Social Brain Lab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Data presentation: Prediction and anticipation of actions: insights from EEG studies
-Martina Fanghella XXXIII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation: 'The role of social interactions in shaping somatosensory simulation of emotional expressions'

-Cinzia Calluso, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Business and Management, LUISS Guido Carli University. Data presentation "Cognitive dynamics of intertemporal choice behavior in pathological gamblers vs.healthy control individuals"
-Duru Ozkan XXXII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation “Predicting the fate of basketball free throws: a psychophysics and EEG study in paraplegic athletes”
-Scattolin Marina XXXIII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation "Is TESTABLE worth it? First impressions and comparison with other survey software."

-Dr. Paul Jenkinson. University of Hertfordshire. Data presentation “Interoceptive and exteroceptive ingredients of the bodily self”
-Moreau Quentin XXXI CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation "Errors in Human-Avatar interaction, data presentation and new project"

-Anastasia Fabbro XXXI CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation: " On the relationships between language and personality"

-Martina Fusaro (PostDoc at SCNL Lab) Data presentation “Virtual Topography of Social Touch"
-Alessandro Monti XXXII CYCLE (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation " 'Embreathment' bodily illusion reveals hierarchy of corporeal awareness"

-Prof.Alexandra Georgescu Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London. Data presentation "Lessons from Autism and Typical Development"
-Dr Arran Reader.Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Data presentation " Finding meaning in movement: kinematic markers and neurostimulation in different types of action imitation"

Lab Meeting Round Up. Every member of the laboratory, from current PhD students to seniors, will do a single-slide presentation about themselves. The presentation will be about each one's topic of research and currently undergoing project and it will last 3-5 min.
-Speakers Corner:
Sofia Ciccarone - Recruiting participants using Facebook

-Speaker: Elias Casula, Ricercatore presso Laboratorio di Neuropsicofisiologia Sperimentale, Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCCS Titolo: ";Real-time assessment of embodiment-related brain dynamics: a TMS-EEG study in immersive virtual reality"
-Speaker: Giusi Porciello. Titolo: "Interoceptive signals during pregnancy and their role in body image dissatisfaction and depressive symptoms"
Speakers Corner: Alessandro Monti - SIPF Annual Congress Reportage

-Speaker: Marco Iosa, Ricercatore presso Laboratorio Clinico di Neuroriabilitazione Sperimentale
Titolo: “Neurorehabilitation: From Plato to Asimov, from Technology to Harmony”
-Speaker: Marco Gandolfo, PhD Candidate presso Bangor University
Titolo: "Causal evidence for expectancy effects in body and scene selective cortices"
Speakers Corner:
Alisha Vabba - "Lab Meetings: ideas for the future"

-Speaker: Alisha Vabba
Titolo: “The role of interoceptive and exteroceptive awareness in honesty-related behaviour. Project presentation.”

-Speaker: Carsten de Dreu, Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology at Leiden University Title:"Competitive interactions, including those between terrorists and police officers and schoolyard bullies and their victims, often take the form of attacker-defender contests."
-Speaker: Tiago Bortolini, PhD. Postdoctoral researcher at the Cognitive and Neuroinformatic Unit at the D'Or Institute for Research and Education - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Title: "Football fans as a model for the psychometrical and neural basis of cultural group belongingness"

16/04/2019 Lab meeting
The speakers for the following lab meeting will be:
10.00 - 11.00 Dott.ssa Maddalena Marini, Post-doc researcher at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and Harvard Medical School.
Title: "Us vs. Them".

11.00 - 11.30 Prof. Salvatore Maria Aglioti
Title: Trusting one's own religion more than a different one: An fMRI study of temporal discounting in muslims and catholics.

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