Delivered study plan academic year 2019/2020

Courses and activities supplied during the PERIOD NOV 2019-OTT 2020 have been articulated along the following lines:
a) Advanced academic courses, seminars and laboratory activities;
b) Lab meeting (only CoSAN);
c) Summer school, workshop, etc.;
d) Research lines;
e) Research products (publications, oral presentations, grants, awards);
f) Mobility.

a) Advanced academic courses, seminars and laboratory activities
05/11/2019 "Student Reviews Paths of Excellence". Prof. Laura Borgogni
27/11/2019 "An introduction to Structural Equation Models (SEM) with Mplus". Prof. Michele Vecchione
29/11/2019 "An introduction to Structural Equation Models (SEM) with Mplus". Prof. Michele Vecchione
18/12/2019. Analysis of Variance. Prof.ssa Laura Di Giunta
18/12/2019. Stereotype Threat in the Workplace: Health and Safety Outcomes of Pregnancy and Work-Family Stereotype Threats Prof. Ahira Michelle Probst
14/01/2020. Introduzione alla mediazione, alla moderazione e ai processi condizionali. Prof Guido Alessandri
22/01/2020. Job Insecurity: Definitions, Measurement and Outcomes Prof. Antonio Chirumbolo.
28/01/2020 Scientific Writing Prof. Arnaldo Zelli
05/02/2020 Scientific Writing Prof. Arnaldo Zelli
03/02/2020 Introduzione alla mediazione, alla moderazione e ai processi condizionali - corso avanzato (focus su mediazione moderata e moderazione mediata) Prof. Guido Alessandri
11/02/2020 Factorial Invariance. Prof. Claudio Barbaranelli
18/02/2020 Factorial Invariance. Prof. Claudio Barbaranelli
24/02/2020 Cluster Analysis Prof.ssa Maria Gerbino
26/02/2020 Positivity and Personality. Prof. Gian Vittorio Caprara
28/02/2020 La gratitudine in una prospettiva psico-sociale Prof. Camillo Regalia
24/04/2020 Latent Profile Analysis Dr. Valerio Ghezzi
28/04/2020 Latent Profile Analysis Dr. Valerio Ghezzi
15/06/2020 Obesità e Stigma Prof. Carlo Tomasetto
19/06/20. Multilevel SPSS Prof. Antonio Zuffianò
25/06/2020 Il contributo dell'epigenetica alle differenze interindividuali Prof.ssa Maria Teresa Fiorenza
3/07/2020 Research Synthesis: Una Introduzione a Rassegne, Meta-Analisi, e Criteri PRISMA Dr. Enrico Perinelli
20/07/2020 Multilevel advanced Prof. Guido Alessandri
22/07/2020 I modelli teorici dello sviluppo della personalità Prof.ssa Gerbino
06/10/2020 Sviluppo della personalità, stabilità e cambiamento Prof.ssa Gerbino
19/10/2020 I gemelli e ricerca Neuroscientifica Dr. Corrado Fagnani

b) Only CoSAN: Lab meeting
PhD yearly progress talks
Martina Fanghella, XXXIII (CoSAN PhD student) Data presentation
Manuel Mello XXXV (CoSAN PhD student) Data presentation
Riccardo Villa (PostDoc at SCNL Lab) “Monetary gain enhances the Sense of Agency despite a failure to achieve the goal of the action: evidence for a hierarchy of cues for the feeling of control”
PhD yearly progress talks
Marina Scattolin XXXIII (CoSAN PhD student), Alisha Vabba XXXIV (CoSAN PhD student) , Sofia Ciccarone XXXIV (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation
PhD yearly progress talks
Irene Parisi XXXIII (CoSAN PhD student), Luca Provenzano XXXIII (CoSAN PhD student), Matteo Lisi XXXIV (CoSAN PhD student). Data presentation
Andrea Orlandi (PostDoc at SCNL Lab) “Electrophysiological indices of early visual recognition of interacting bodies.”
Prof. Sarah Garfinkel( Università del Sussex) Neuroscience goes Social III - The Body in the Brain & The Social World
Virtual Lab Meeting on Zoom Platform: How are we during Covid-19 Lockdown?
Gabriele Fusco (PostDoc at SCNL Lab) Midfrontal-occipital Ɵ-tACS modulates cognitive conflicts related to Body-stimuli.
Azzurra Cristiano XXXV (CoSAN PhD student). The functional role of the dorsomedial Prefrontal Cortex and the Extrastriate Body Area in conflict and error processing: a 10Hz online rTMS study
Anna Perazzini XXXV (CoSAN PhD student). Response inhibition in cognitive conflicts: a TMS study on the role of frontal and perceptual areas
30/06/2020 Fusaro (PostDoc at SCNL Lab), Lisi Matteo Lisi XXXIV (CoSAN PhD student) , Tieri (RTDA presso Unitelma), Prof. Aglioti) Main talk: Guess what they have said, paper: Touched by vision: How heterosexual, gay, and lesbian people react to the view of their avatar being caressed on taboo body parts
Manuel Mello XXXIV (CoSAN PhD student). The pleasant side of emotional sharing: positive empathy and its relation to prosocial behaviour
Alisha Vabba XXXIV (CoSAN PhD student). Interoceptive Accuracy predicts spontaneous deception in the ‘Temptation to Lie Card Game’
Lennie Dupont XXXV (CoSAN PhD student)., Rohit KUMAR YADAV XXXV (CoSAN PhD student). : short talk on lab meeting ideas and relevant topics that are needed to be presented at the upcoming lab meeting.
Marina Scattolin XXXIII (CoSAN PhD student): selection of parsimonious mixed models using R
Prof. Luca Chittaro (University of Udine) Talk on "Virtual Reality experiences of life-threatening scenarios and their effects"
Althea Frisanco XXXV (CoSAN PhD student). "Exploring the neurophysiological correlates of attitudes toward organised crime by means of immersive virtual reality" and discussion.
Susanna Feruglio XXXV (CoSAN PhD student) " Mindfulness and awareness "
Claudio Singh Solorzano XXXV (CoSAN PhD student)"Psycho-social and physiological predictors of physical and mental well-being in different “at risk” populations (i.e. caregivers, pregnant women)"

c) Summer school, ecc.
See the relative PhD profile.

d) Research lines
Curriculum CoSAN - Cognitive Social and Affective Neuroscience.
Bodily and brain correlates of Intergroup processing, stereotype and prejudice.
Joint attention and joint action in healthy and brain damaged people.
Intention, action and emotion understanding.
Pain perception, empathy for pain, existential neuroscience.
Body awareness and Self-Other distinction in healthy, spinal cord injured, and brain damaged people.
Embodiment and agency in Immersive virtual reality.

Curriculum POP - Personality and Organizational Psychology.
Development of Positivity across adolescence.
Positivity, health and adjustment.
Parental self-efficacy and children’s adjustment.
Personality profiles: development and youth's adjustment.
Parental personality and children’s adjustment.
Personality individual differences and adjustment across development.
Self efficacy, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job performance.
Goal setting.
Burnout and personal resources.
Determinants and correlates of work inertia.

e) Research products (publications, oral presentations, grants, awards)
See the relative PhD profile and in the “annual report” section on the website.

f) Mobility
See the relative PhD profile

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