Delivered study plan academic year 2020/2021

Our students take course given by the schol of doctorate in Economics .
During the first year their duties are splitted into 3 terms

In the first term there are on line lectures on the following topics

Micro Economics
Macro Economics

In the second term there are the following courses
Statistics 2 (prof. Mollica, Liseo, Tancredi, Arima)
Geography (prof. celata)
Macro economics II (prof. Nucci)
Micro Econimics II (prof. Tosato)
Econometrics (prof. Belloc)
Mathematics II (prof. Patrì)

In the III term we offer a series of seminars (each consisting of 4 or 5 classes)

Research Methods in MacroEconomics (Di Pietro)
Research Methods in MicroEconometrics (Belloc)
Research Methods in MacroEconometrics (Tancioni)
Qualitative methods in Research (Di Feliciantonio)
MonteCarlo Methods (Tancredi)
Research Methods in MicroEconomics (Beqiraj)
Enviromental Economics (Tol)
Introduction to Stochastic Finance (Stabile)
Bayesian Statistics (Villa)
Python for Data Science (Bernardi)
Inequalities (Di Gioacchino, Raitano)
Development Economics (Winters)
International Integration (Iapadre)

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