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Cristina Zucchermaglio P.h.D (Bolzano, 1 October 1959) is, since 2003, Full Professor of Social Psychology (M-PSI05) at the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". She is Head of the "Interaction & Culture Laboratory "(LInC) and of P.h.D Programme on "Communication, Interaction, Socialization".
She teaches "Psychology of Groups and Educational Organizations" at the Master in Psychology of typical and atypical development and "Socialization Practices and Educational contexts " at the Master in Pedagogy and science of education, both at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology , Sapienza University of Rome.
She is, since 2012, Scientific Coordinator of an International Agreement with the Department of Anthopology, University of California, Los Angeles (Project Title: Youth "navigation paths" from university to the labor market: Cultural capital and social mobility in Italy and United States).
And, since 2010, Coordinator of ERASMUS LPP Staff Teaching Mobility with University of Portsmouth (UK).
She specializes in ethnographically based field studies of social interaction and organization of cognition in everyday settings such as: hospitals, school, families, high-tech companies, children's homes, sport teams. Her recent research interests focus on : 1) Communication, reasoning and decision making in oncology: oncologists' diagnostic reasoning practices, communication with patients ,medical education paths; 2) Youth "navigation paths" from university to the labor market : qualitative and quantitative analyses of the heterogeneous and dynamic characteristics of the "navigations" of young graduates' in their transition to the workplace; 3) Situated research methods and reflexivity: researched-researcher relationship and its influence on the research process and data; research on situated methods : ethnography and multimodal analysis of interaction and practices
She was Scientific Coordinator in UE Projects on Technologies in working and learning context (Socrates programme, 2001/2002 e 2003/2004). National and local scientific coordinator of PRIN research project (1998;2001;2004) about relationship among groups, technology and organizations.
She has also been Responsible for several funded research agreements among the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology of "La Sapienza" Rome University and public and private institutions (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Rome; Municipality of Rome, Rome; UNICRI -United Nations Interregionals Crime and Justice Research Institute, Rome; Mercedes Benz Italia, Roma; Mafrau,Roma, Federazione Provinciale Scuole Materne di Trento).
She acted as Research projects' Evaluator for: University of Liege, BeIPD-COFUND, application 2014; Swiss National Science Foundation, 2011; University of Padova, Italy, 2012, 2013;2014; USI (University della Svizzera Italiana), Lugano, 2012, 2013; PRIN PROJECT (CUN 11 AREA) 2012.
She was Member of national evaluation Commission for the I and II call for projects about the "Development of Innovative services of T-government on digital platform" launched by CNIPA (Centro Nazionale Informatica per la Pubblica Amministrazione) and Ministry of Innovation (2004, 2006).
She is Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Sage and she acted as referee for several national and international scientific acts as Research on Language and Social Interaction, Journal of Pragmatics, Organizational Studies. Organization,Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Psicologia Sociale, Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa, Qualitative Research, Studi Organizzativi .
She wrote more than 90 papers on national and international Journals (such as Mind, Culture and Activity Journal of Pragmatics, Organization Studies, Journal of Research on Language and Social Interaction, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, Patient Education and Counseling, Sociology of Health and Illness, Journal of Cancer Education). She is author of more than 42 book's chapters in national and international books. She has edited and co-edited of 15 international and national books (such as (con S. Bagnara e S. Stucky) Organizational learning and technological change. 1995 New York: Springer Verlag; Vygotsky in azienda, 1996 Roma: Carocci; (con F. Alby) Gruppi e Tecnologie al lavoro, 2005 Roma: Laterza; (con F. Alby) Manuale di Psicologia Culturale delle Organizzazioni. 2006 Roma: Carocci; (con F. Alby, M.Fatigante, M. Saglietti), Fare ricerca situata in psicologia sociale. 2013 Bologna: Il Mulino.

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