PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXIX
phone: 0649913976
building: CU019
room: Laboratorio 116

supervisor: Prof. Sergio Valente
co-supervisor: Prof. Antonello Mai

Research: Design, Synthesis, Purification and Analytical Characterization of Small Epigenetic (and not) Modulators

THEMATIC AREA: Drug Design and Development


Chiara Lambona graduated with honors in Drug Chemistry and Technology in October 2022 under the supervision of Prof.ssa Rossella Fioravanti with a Thesis in Pharmaceutical Chemistry entitled "Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Dual Selective Hybrid Inhibitors of HDAC1,2/LSD1 as a New Epi-Pharmacological Approach to Fight Cancer". During her studies, she won two fellowships held at the laboratories of Analysis of Medicines II and Chemical Analysis Pharmaceutical and Toxicological II. She also won the Path of Excellence.
From January 2023, she continued her research activity as research fellow under the supervision of Prof. Sergio Valente and Prof. Antonello Mai working on the design and synthesis of new inhibitors of NADPH oxidase. In November 2023, he began the PhD course in Life Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Sergio Valente and Prof. Antonello Mai working on the development of new epigenetic modulators (and not).

The research activity is based on the design of molecules of potential pharmaceutical interest in the field of epigenetics and not. The aim is to develop molecules that can modulate the activity of different epigenetic targets, such as HDACs, LSD1, EZH2 and DNMTs. In addition, the design is aimed at obtaining hybrid molecules that simultaneously modulate two targets, given the advantages of polypharmacology compared to single-target therapy. The molecules will be synthesized, purified and characterized analytically through the study of nuclear magnetic resonance (1H-NMR and 13C-NMR) and mass spectrometry. The results will be evaluated following the biochemical and biological tests performed by collaborators.

02-06/07/2023 (Urbino) - ESMEC 2023 - European School of Medicinal Chemistry (42° Ed.)
17-20/09/2023 (Chieti) - XXVIII National Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (NMMC28)

Research products

11573/1701222 - 2024 - SIRT3 Activation a Promise in Drug Development? New Insights into SIRT3 Biology and Its Implications on the Drug Discovery Process
Lambona, Chiara; Zwergel, Clemens; Valente, Sergio; Mai, Antonello - 01g Articolo di rassegna (Review)
paper: JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY (Washington, DC: American Chemical Society) pp. 1662-1689 - issn: 0022-2623 - wos: (0) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85183983381 (0)

11573/1700590 - 2024 - First-in-Class Selenium-Containing Potent Serotonin Receptor 5-HT6 Agents with a Beneficial Neuroprotective Profile against Alzheimer's Disease
Pyka, Patryk; Haberek, Wawrzyniec; Więcek, Małgorzata; Szymanska, Ewa; Ali, Wesam; Cios, Agnieszka; Jastrzębska-Więsek, Magdalena; Satała, Grzegorz; Podlewska, Sabina; Di Giacomo, Silvia; Di Sotto, Antonella; Garbo, Sabrina; Karcz, Tadeusz; Lambona, Chiara; Marocco, Francesco; Latacz, Gniewomir; Sudoł-Tałaj, Sylwia; Mordyl, Barbara; Głuch-Lutwin, Monika; Siwek, Agata; Czarnota-Łydka, Kinga; Gogola, Dawid; Olejarz-Maciej, Agnieszka; Wilczyńska-Zawal, Natalia; Honkisz-Orzechowska, Ewelina; Starek, Małgorzata; Dąbrowska, Monika; Kucwaj-Brysz, Katarzyna; Fioravanti, Rossella; Nasim, Muhammad Jawad; Hittinger, Marius; Partyka, Anna; Wesołowska, Anna; Battistelli, Cecilia; Zwergel, Clemens; Handzlik, Jadwiga - 01a Articolo in rivista
paper: JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY (Washington DC : ACS Publications) pp. 1580-1610 - issn: 1520-4804 - wos: (0) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85182565496 (1)

11573/1685964 - 2023 - Histone deacetylase 10: A polyamine deacetylase from the crystal structure to the first inhibitors
Lambona, Chiara; Zwergel, Clemens; Fioravanti, Rossella; Valente, Sergio; Mai, Antonello - 01g Articolo di rassegna (Review)
paper: CURRENT OPINION IN STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY (Current Biology Limited:84 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8RR United Kingdom:011 44 20 76114202, EMAIL:, INTERNET:, Fax: 011 44 20 76114479) pp. - - issn: 0959-440X - wos: (0) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85166517965 (1)

11573/1684985 - 2023 - Novel 1,4-Dihydropyridines as Specific Binders and Activators of SIRT3 Impair Cell Viability and Clonogenicity and Downregulate Hypoxia-Induced Targets in Cancer Cells
Zwergel, Clemens; Aventaggiato, Michele; Garbo, Sabrina; Di Bello, Elisabetta; Fassari, Bruno; Noce, Beatrice; Castiello, Carola; Lambona, Chiara; Barreca, Federica; Rotili, Dante; Fioravanti, Rossella; Schmalz, Thomas; Weyand, Michael; Niedermeier, Amelie; Tripodi, Marco; Colotti, Gianni; Steegborn, Clemens; Battistelli, Cecilia; Tafani, Marco; Valente, Sergio; Mai, Antonello - 01a Articolo in rivista
paper: JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY (Washington, DC: American Chemical Society) pp. 9622-9641 - issn: 0022-2623 - wos: WOS:001027732800001 (5) - scopus: 2-s2.0-85165671509 (3)

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