PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVIII

advisor: Prof.ssa Alessandra Ten

Research: The diffusion of augustea: from punctual analysis to the reconstruction of a complex phenomenon in Italy and provinces of Iberia

PhD student in Archaeology, Ancient Topography curriculum.

My research will be based on the identification, study and comparison of the buildings known as augustea. The main aim is to recognise the presence of specific architectural and topographical features that could confirm the function of the structures even when other material evidence is missing. At the same time a reconstructive hypothesis of the buildings of the forum will be digitally modelled for a specific case study -Rusellae- in order to proceed with analyses in order to understand the peculiar choices of orientation and location of the augusteum.

January 2022: Master's degree in Archaeology, specialization in Ancient Topography, La Sapienza University.
Thesis 'The augusteum of Roselle. Survey and analysis of the remains for a reconstructive proposal': direct and indirect survey and 3D modelling applied to archaeological remains.
Supervisor: Prof.ssa Alessandra Ten, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Paolo Liverani.

July 2019: Bachelor's degree in History of Archaeology, Fine Arts, Archives and Libraries, University of Florence.
Thesis: 'The augusteum of Roselle. A reconstructive hypothesis', 3D modelling applied to archaeological remains.
Supervisor: Prof. Paolo Liverani, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Pocobelli.

Academic year 2020/2021: "Percorso d'eccellenza", La Sapienza University
Academic year 2019/2020: "Wanted the best", La Sapienza University

October-December 2021: internship at CNR-ISPC, Rome

October-December 2019: internship at Archeo&Arte 3D-Sapienza

Peltuinum (AQ): excavation campaigns 2022, 2021, 2020

Falerii Novi (VT): excavation campaign 2022

Tannetum (RE): excavation campaign 2021

Rignano sull'Arno (FI): excavation campaign 2018

Pietrarossa di Trevi (PG): excavation campaign 2018

Cosa (GR): excavation campaign 2017

Fuentes de Leon (Extremadura, Spain): excavation campaign 2016

SSDA, X edition PhD students seminar 2023. Poster category.

D-SITE Drones. System of Information on culTural hEritage for a spatial and social investigation 2022.

Spring Archaeology 2020, promoted by the University of Siena. Poster category.

IAS 2020, promoted by La Sapienza University. Poster category.

Research products

11573/1700682 - 2023 - L’augusteum di Roselle. Un’ipotesi ricostruttiva
Grassi, Caterina - 04f Poster
conference: IAS - Incontri di Archeologia Sapienza 2020 (Roma, Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza)
book: InFieri : Incontri di Archeologia Sapienza : miscellanea degli atti II (2018-2019) e III (2020) - (978-1-80327-000-5)

11573/1666756 - 2022 - A 3D survey in archaeology. Comparison among software for image and range-based data integration
Grassi, Caterina; Ronchi, Diego; Ferdani, Daniele; Franco Pocobelli, Giorgio; Manganelli Del Fà, Rachele - 04b Atto di convegno in volume
conference: D-SITE. Drones-systems of information on cultural heritage for a spatial and social investigation (Pavia)
book: D-SITE. Drones-systems of information on cultural heritage for spatial and social investigation - (9788869521591)

11573/1667080 - 2021 - Un'ipotesi ricostruttiva per l'Augusteum di Roselle
Grassi, Caterina - 04f Poster
conference: Spring Archaeology (Siena)
book: Spring Archaeology Atti del Convegno, Siena 15-17 maggio 2020 - (978-1-80327-000-5)

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