PhD Student

PhD program:: XXXVI
email: campagna.1693605@studenti.uniroma1.it
building: Lettere e Filosofia, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 - CU003

tutor: Prof.ssa Romana Andò
supervisor: Prof. Marco Di Maggio


2014: Linguistic diploma at liceo magistrale Rosina Salvo, Trapani.
2018: Bachelor's Degree in Fashion and Costume Sciences (L3) at Sapienza Università di Roma with thesis titled "L'alterità vestita: abbigliamento, genere e queerness" ("The clothed otherness: apparel, gender and queerness"), an analysis of contemporary trends of a-gender, gender-bending and gender-neutral through queer and feminist philosophies (Judith Butler, Donna Haraway, Rosi Braidotti) and their links with the scenario of contemporary pop music, with examples such as Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean and Harry Styles.
2019: Internship at Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli - cataloging and digitalization of the photographic and press release archives.
2020: Master's Degree in Fashion Studies at Sapienza Università di Roma with thesis titled "Radical Chic: deconstructing politics in Art and Fashion", an analysis of the ethical and political meanings contained in contemporary fashion and art in the age of new populisms through the method of deconstruction developed by Jacques Derrida.
2020: PhD scolarship in European History at Sapienza Università di Roma with research project titled "On the trail of a Sicilian queer history", a historiographical reconstruction of LGBTQ+ activism in Sicily from the 1970s to present time.

Preferred fields of study:
- Gender, sexuality and affection, especially in their political and philosophical approaches;
-Fashion and costume and their intersections with contemporary culture and politics;
-Pop music and contemporary art.

Research products

  • 11573/1605164 - 2022 - La colpevolezza degli oggetti. Materializzazioni di genere e classe nel corpus di Elena Ferrante (02a Capitolo o Articolo)
  • 11573/1654016 - 2022 - Intellectual Fashion/Fashion Intellectual: Luxury, Branding, and the Glamorization of Theory (01a Articolo in rivista)
  • 11573/1644216 - 2022 - Judith Butler. Moda e performatività (02e Traduzione in volume)
  • 11573/1644203 - 2022 - Jacques Derrida. Moda sotto cancellazione (02e Traduzione in volume)

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