Aldo Laudonio

Associate professor

building: Edificio del Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Economia e Sociologia - Campus Universitario dell'Università "Magna Graecia" di Catanzaro
room: 21

Graduated with honours at the University of Pisa in 2003 with a thesis titled “The dematerialised shares”, he became an assistant professor in 2008 and since 2016 he is an associate professor of commercial law at the Department of Law, Economy and Sociology of the “Magna Graecia” University of Catanzaro, after having obtained the required National Scientific Habilitation in 2012/2013 evaluation. He started his collaboration with this University in the academic year 2005/2006 teaching both in academic and in post-graduate courses (masters, advanced courses) Law and Economics, Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Law, IP Law, Entrepreneurial organizations – for profit and nonprofit. He wrote a book whose title is “The conversion of associations” and various scientific articles and chapters of books on subjects ranging from negotiable instruments to company law, from bankruptcy law to regulated markets, from IP law to commercial and banking contracts. In April 2009 he was awarded the PhD in National and International Commercial Law from the Faculty of Law of the “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” University of Milan after having discussed a thesis on the “Heterogenous conversion of associations”. In 2007 and in 2010 he spent two research periods at the Juristische Facultät of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and at the Max-Planck-Institut für Immaterialgüter- und Wettbewerbsrecht in Munich. He also gave a cycle of lectures in portuguese titled “A legislação comercial nos tempos da crise: promoção, recuperação e efectividade” in september 2013 at the Escola de Direito of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto). He spoke at four editions of the yearly national conferences of the Association of professors of Commercial law “Orizzonti del Diritto Commerciale” (“Horizons of Commercial Law”) on different topics (such as trademarks, crowdfunding, insider trading, nonprofit entities) and to a number of other conferences. He is amongst the scientific referees of the online Review “Orizzonti del Diritto Commerciale ("Horizons of Commercial Law”). He participated in a research group which cooperates with the Italian (listed) companies and exchange Commission (CONSOB) to realize a study on the Fintech phenomenon; in this research he specifically dealt with equity-based crowdfunding. He is in the board of professors of the PhD course entitled “Autonomia Privata, Impresa, Lavoro e Tutela dei Diritti nella Prospettiva Europea ed Internazionale” (“Private Autonomy, Business, Labor and Protection of Rights in the European and International Perspective”), at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He is a member of the Italian Society for the Research in Comparative Law (SIRD) and of the Association “Horizons of Commercial Law” (ODC). He is a lawyer admitted to practice before the superior courts since 2013.

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