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Prof. Arta Musaraj is an Albanian academic, full professor in various Albanian and European universities. Arta Musaraj is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Academicus ISJ, an academic journal published in English language and is the general coordinator of the entrepreneurship training center, ETC, an initiative of SEED (South East Europe Development), of the IFC (International Finance Corporation) and of the World Bank.
Master of Science in Management (1996), Master of Science in Economics, Business Administration (2001), Doctor of Sciences (PhD) in Economics and Communication Studies (2004) and Professor Doctor (Prof.Dr) of Scientific Research in the field of Communication in organizations and administrations (2012), the highest academic title for the academic advancement.
Since 1996, Musaraj has been a university lecturer, holds professorships in the disciplines of Economics, Management and Organizational Communications and co-partners in scientific research at prestigious public and private European universities.
She is the author of numerous university texts, articles and scientific analysis, and a certified consultant and trainer of the IFC and World Bank.
Prof. Musaraj has been Visiting Professor in Open Lectures and Master Class in Communication and Business Administration.
Musaraj is an authority as a consultant and expert in various organizations and governments of South-Eastern Europe, providing advice in the fields of communication and business administration.
She has considerable administrative experience in the management of universities, as Rector, Vice-Rector and Faculty Dean.
She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the first scientific journal published in Albania in English language, Academicus International Scientific Journal and member of the editorial and scientific councils of numerous international scientific journals in Europe, Asia and the United States.
Arta Musaraj is "honorary citizen of the region", issued by the Region of Vlore, Albania, and is also the owner of the honorary titles: "Gratitude of the city" and "Protagonist of the city", issued by the Municipality of the City of Valona and "Hononary Citizen" of the Municipality of Brataj, commune of family origin. In year 2015 she has been awarded with the "Silver Medal" of Sapienza, University of Rome assigned by the Rector Eugenio Gaudio.
Musaraj is the first female Rector of a university in Albania.
From January 2013 until September 2013, Arta Musaraj, was Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Albania.

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