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building: G viale Regina Elena, 295
room: G 39

Personal data

Degree in Mathematics july, 25 -1970 by University of Rome.
Degree in Philosophy june, 19 -1989 by Gregoriana University.

Assistant Professor in Algebra from 1973
Associated Professor in Foundations of Mathematics from 1980
Full Professor in Computer Science from 2000
From june 2001 to october 2004 Director of Studies in Computer Science
always by the Faculty of Sciences of the "Sapienza" University of Rome, now Facoltà di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Informatica e Statistica.

From 1992 to 1995 invited teacher of Logics at the Philosophy Faculty of Gregoriana University.
In different times from 1975 to 2000 teacher of Foundations of Mathematics and Mathematical logic in the curricula of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Teacher of Mathematical logic for the PhD in Mathematics, Model Theory for the PhD in Computer Science in La Sapienza and di Logic and Computer Science in the university of Siena.
Presently teacher of Mathematical methods in Computer Science
and Formal Methods in Software Specification and Verification for Computer Science curricula at "Sapienza" University of Rome.

From 1981 to 1987 scientific assistant of "Istituto di Analisi dei Sistemi e Informatica - C.N.R".
Teacher at Banach School in Warsaw (Poland).
Visiting professor at IRISA in Rennes (France) and at University of Szeged (Hungary).
Responsible for European Community project HCM EXPRESS 1994-97, site of Rome.
Reviewer of Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt
Chair of the workshop FICS'01.
Chair of Didamatica congress in april 2010 in Rome.

Main interests: Category theory, concurrency, algebraic semantics, language theory.
I cultivated also an interest in foundations of mathematics and teaching.

Selected Papers

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Bottoni, P., Labella, A., G. Rozenberg:
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