AFSHIN Nazarieh

Dottore di ricerca

ciclo: XXXIV

co-supervisore: Prof. Spartaco Paris

Titolo della tesi: Analyzing parametric design usage methodologies in the development of handcrafts based on architectural specifications

This research explores the transformative potential of computational design and digital manufacturing technologies in the realm of product design, with a specific focus on Iranian handicrafts. The primary goal is to bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and computational design, a domain that has been well-received in architecture but remains relatively unexplored in product design. A central aspect of this study is the creation of customizable products that align with consumers' preferences concerning quantity, design, color, and size, thereby amplifying marketability and opening up new export opportunities. Notwithstanding the limitations in digital manufacturing, such as cost and material quality, computational design brings a significant advantage by automatically generating diverse morphologies that infuse products with distinctive, high-quality features, fostering sustainability and economic viability. The research adopts a two-phase in-field study approach. Initially, it conducts a comprehensive analysis of the craftsmen's needs, and based on these findings, a prototype of a computational design tool is developed and subjected to testing. The results of both the prototype test and the craftsmen's needs analysis are then compared to assess the effectiveness of the parametric design intervention for that particular handicraft(Enameling or Minakari).

Produzione scientifica

11573/1457688 - 2020 - Using cognition for improving visual thinking process in CAD systems (Visual recognition role in future of Computer Aid Design)
Nazarieh, Afshin - 04b Atto di convegno in volume
congresso: Tirana design week (Tirana/Albania)
libro: Tirana Design Week 2019 - Conference Proceedings: Foreseeing Uncertainty Design and non-Normativity - (9789928445964)

11573/1472075 - 2020 - Back to the human scale. Some comments the physical model as a tool for training culture of design, from object to space
Paris, Spartaco; Bianchi, Roberto; Nazarieh, A. - 02a Capitolo o Articolo
libro: Architectural models as learning tools - (978-989-658-666-9)

11573/1349843 - 2019 - TDW19_ISC_BookOfAbstracts
Nazarieh, Afshin - 04d Abstract in atti di convegno
congresso: Tirana design week (Tirana/Albania)
libro: TDW19_ISC_BookOfAbstracts - (9789928456328)

11573/1432651 - 2013 - how to design cars free
Nazarieh, Afshin - 03c Manuale Didattico

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